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Our technicians in Hayward specialize in cleaning and repairing HVAC air ducts as well as kitchen exhaust hoods.

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The HVAC system responsible for heating, cooling and ventilation, is a great system to have in any home or office, regardless of the climate. However, naturally, dust and germs will accumulate inside over time, and spread throughout the vents and into the home or office rooms. It might not sound too drastic, but if there is too much dust and other contaminants, you might start to notice you're coughing more, or that there is a bad smell coming from the vents. In this case, you should get your ducts professionally cleaned.Air Duct Cleaning in California

Emergency Air Duct Cleaning

This is required if the indoor air quality test finds that there is a high level of contaminants in the air. It is also necessary when a family member has been diagnosed with allergy, asthma or another respiratory condition. It is important to remove all contaminants present in the duct network, as well as to make sure the ducts are properly sanitized.

Replace Air Duct Filters

During a professional air duct cleaning service, the air filters should be cleaned as well. Usually, air filter cleaning involves picking up the accumulated debris. In case the filter is damaged in any way, it will have to be replaced. The ideal new filters should have high absorbency rate and long useful life.

Air Duct Sanitizing

Cleaning the air ducts isn't enough. These nearly-seen spots can get moist due to cracks you missed, causing air leaks. This could be a very comfortable environment for mold to set in, and it is only a matter of time until mold spores are conveniently spread around your house through the vents. For this reason, after every cleaning session it is highly recommended to perform air duct sanitizing in order to prevent future growth of mold and bacteria.

UV Cleansers

These are special devices for sterilizing surfaces. They produce UV light at short wavelengths to break down microorganisms including mold and mildew fungi, germs and even viruses. It is possible to set them in the ducts and other sections of the HVAC system to prevent future contamination. This could be a permanent preventive measure.

Whenever it comes to your air ducts, be it at your home or business, we at "Air Duct Cleaning Hayward" are always at your service, offering professional services and solutions. Call us today!

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