About Us

About Us

Air Duct Cleaning Hayward takes its customers seriously, which is why we strive to offer the best maintenance services on the market for residential and commercial ventilation systems. Whether you are looking for a thorough cleaning, regular filter replacement, HVAC unit maintenance or any inspection or testing services, you found the right team for the job!

Professional Cleaning Experts

Skilled and savvy technicians will be happy to offer their professional knowledge and experience to solve any issues that your duct may encounter, at a price that won’t leave you high and dry. Just take a look at some of the quality services on offer for professional vent maintenance. Our team will not leave you disappointed!

About our company

Air Duct Cleaning

Thorough and meticulous air duct cleaning for both residential and commercial ventilation systems. Regardless of how much pressure your system is under with foot traffic, a dusty climate, or the stresses of consistent air and temperature regulation, with good service, your vents can easily be scrubbed and have removed off of them any mold, dirt, residue or debris. This ensures that your system keeps working the way it is supposed to.

Air Duct Maintenance 

General maintenance and servicing of air ducts is important to keep them running properly. Whether you need your sealant repaired, ducts replaced or air filters changed, our team specializes in providing these services.

Air Quality Testing

Regular and thorough air quality testing to assess the purity of the air in your home. This is a crucial step in determining the condition and operation of your vents. Homes and factories with a low level of air quality usually encounter problems with their vents. This can also help determine if there is a mold infection in your system, which could lead to severe respiratory difficulties.

Inspection and Replacement 

Industrial work such as dryer vent replacement to ensure that heavy equipment can be used safely and on a continuous basis, without becoming a fire or health hazard. Our technicians have been servicing commercial vents for a long time, and their extensive experience makes this process as fast as the blink of an eye, from start to finish.

All Your Air Duct Cleaning Needs

Our services are well known throughout California for their extensive competence and competitive prices. Therefore, take advantage and give us a call! Speak to a technician for advice, or browse through our services page for a more in-depth description of what is offered. We will be happy to help!

Professional Service Right Near You!

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  • Weekend Appointments Available 
  • Complete Satisfaction 


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